“I found the whole experience incredibly inspirational from start to end. You both engaged in a way I have never experienced with professional trainers before.”

Fran Jones

Sales Director – IT Division



“Of all the things I have done in development, this has been the most profound!”

Nicky Coffin

Peak Performance Coach

Elite Leaders Ltd


“More effective than anything else I have tried (including CBT disputation) to help me address my confidence issues. Really worked on an emotional level and produced a more effective outcome.”

Alison France

Business Psychologist

Criterion Partnership


“It is not easy to convey in an email how much the day has changed my outlook and beliefs in myself. It was a fantastic day with real learning benefits for everyone involved…….I now believe in myself, and my abilities as a leader………I am more confident and I am actively seeking new challenges that I may not have believed were possible for me to achieve.”

Liz Barrett

Metropolitan Police Service


“Thank you ever so much for a fantastic course last week. From a personal and a professional perspective I found it one of the most thought provoking courses I have ever done. “

Martin Grady

Director – Consulting Division



“I must say that the experience was incredibly inspirational for me – and the learning continues …I have been raving about you guys ever since…”

Marie Shelton

Senior Partner

Apter Development LLP


“I have enhanced self-awareness in business and my personal life, as a result of Intuitive Leadership” “It was interesting, testing and mind-blowing at the same time. A very fresh and original approach, but most importantly, very effective.”

John Dunaway

Director - Engineering Division



“I would like to thank both of you very much for this great experience, I have learned a lot in your workshops and thanks to you and the horses am on the right development path. ….Much of the work is also unconscious and since my first experience I haven´t stopped working on myself :-))……again a big thank you for such a breathtaking experience.”

Nadège Welsch



“Dido and Sarah provided a unique insight into how a horse could empower a human, or indeed a group of humans. Communication takes many forms and includes emotional and behavioural responses. We, as individuals, may be unaware of some of these, but Dido and Sarah convincingly demonstrated how the use of the horse brings these non-verbal methods of communication into our conscious awareness. And, once we are aware, we can adjust, improve and enhance our communication with others and therefore empower ourselves.”

Lylie Fitzpatrick

Annual Business Psychologists Conference co-ordinator 2010


“My feedback is that the day was very valuable to me. I feel you pitched your facilitation perfectly for me and for my colleagues. Your insight was remarkable.”

Richard Hunter

Company Director

Criterion Partnership Occupational Psychologists


“Just a message to again say thank you for an amazing day yesterday. It is amazing what I am capable of when I can tap into that alignment …”

Donna Conway

Customer Relationship Manager

Criterion Partnership Ltd


“What a fantastic experience... I feel more at peace. Thank you for a truly memorable experience.”

Hilary Carmichael

Metropolitan Police


“I really enjoyed it and was quite astonished by the insight this way of working offered everyone…... It was useful to talk through my initial response in free flow. I was able to make connections back to the workplace and hear myself commit to specific actions. This has helped me to remember to follow through on these actions at relevant times when I’m back in my day-to-day life.”

Ruth Williams

Consultant Business Psychologist

Criterion Partnership


“I have learned how to quieten down cognitive / internal reference – and been able to be more present and intuitive when working with more challenging clients.”

Clare Scivier

Creative Director



“My principal objective was to improve the team dynamic between the five of us by better understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses (away from the office and comfort zone) and how to bring out the best of each other and that objective was definitely achieved.”

Mark Gawthorne

Financial Director



“The results are amazing and I thank Dido and Sarah very much for providing all of us with such a great programme!!”

Nadège Welsch