Corporate Leadership

The strategists and visionaries that create the future direction and pathways for business success hold a ‘Meta’ position of leadership influence over the entire business.

The sphere of influence at this level is both broad and intense, requiring strategic leaders to challenge the status quo and activate change. Engaging and aligning the hearts, minds and talents of others to deliver outstanding performance.

The role is often described as ‘lonely’; strategic leaders can feel isolated by slender support for their personal development and a paucity of honest appraisal and objective feedback. Intuitive Leadership sensitively opens opportunities for personal expansion with high value executives, enabling them to connect with and discover the hidden distinctions of transformational change that exist within themselves.

The feedback received in these programmes is instantaneous and highly visible, given by an equine with no political position or personal agenda.

Executives will discover the grace and finesse of their sphere of influence, igniting the potential of expanded presence and illuminating the insightful connections that energise key talents.

Our change consultants offer a wealth of expertise in this field that is unique to Intuitive Leadership. As one of our clients describes:

“You both engaged in a way I have never experienced with professional trainers before. ….the way Dido and yourself projected such an open and positive energy from the outset, and somehow managed to protect and maintain this through to the courses conclusion.”

Our change experts are ready for you – to ignite the dynamic potential of your most influential leadership presence.