Corporate Leadership

Intuitive Leadership offer bespoke programme design for corporate clients aligning leadership expansion with strategic objectives.

The essence of the programmes revolves around expanding leadership influence and presence; igniting personal growth for each leader as they explore the unique distinctions that empower leadership capabilities.

Strategic priorities and objectives give the programme focus and direction, shaping future development and the dynamic changes that deliver outstanding results. The explorations and revelations of personal presence and influence harmonize team dynamics, opening up many possibilities to improve collaborations and generative team working.

As clients have experienced:

“Working with the horse myself, taught me a lot. However listening to the team at the end made me realise how far they had come over the two days.”

“My principal objective was to improve the team dynamic between the five of us by better understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses …. and how to bring out the best of each other and that objective was definitely achieved.”

Our change consultants are like no others in this field, combining a multitude of change methodologies that achieve deep-level transformations with award winning expertise in developing business leaders.

To explore the potential for expansion of your business leaders, connect with us…….